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Why did QR codes #Fail? Is there a chance they come back again?

There are many reasons to why QR codes failed over the years. Here are some reasons that could place things into better perspective.

  • Ease of use: Not all phones have/had a default QR code scanner app embedded within, you will most probably have to download the APP before scanning the code

  • Changing habits: search engine have really optimized and personalized the search process, led by Google and followed by Bing and some social media apps/websites

  • End user behavior: end user is becoming more comfortable using technology and I am not only talking millennial. You would be amazed how the moms & dads, grandmas & grandpas of today are using the internet, search engines, social media & hash tags

  • Placement of the QR codes. Some QR codes are found on outdoor Billboards where they are out of reach to the consumer, which defies their main purpose + terrible advertisements created just for the sake of using QR code in an ad = Fail marketing campaign.

Discover what?

In order for QR code to work it would have to be easier than searching. But unfortunately, it is harder. Or the usage has to be extremely creative, like integrating the QR code graphic into creatives ( )

Although we may not realise this but QR codes are a normal part of our daily life. They are used when boarding a flight or entering a movie or a concert.

Their use in social has also grown in recent years, in apps such as Spotify, Pinterest, Venmo, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. QR codes are especially popular in China, mainly for payments (Nebo Agency, LLC, 2018).

The greatest hope or opportunity for QR codes to survive and maybe get some traction is a recent update in iOS 11 that happened last September. Apple has integrated a native QR code reader in their camera app. That opens up an opportunity for 700 million iPhone users to directly scan the QR code use with one click where they will be directed to a website link, contact card, map location, logging to a wifi link & account or any other type of data. The challenge now is to create the awareness and incite users to start using it.

This opens up to a multiple type of usage if developers and marketers get really creative. With this opportunity, you never know, QR codes could be the next big thing as end users keep on surprising us every day!

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